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To Be or Not To Be a Cynic

People sometimes ask me why I am such a cynic.

Yeah… Why is that, I wonder… It’s not as if the human race has done anything to make me hold a low opinion of it…

Okay, maybe I have never seen things in rose-colored glasses, and I might have had a dark view on human nature and the future of mankind since I was seven, but that doesn’t necessarily make me cynical. It just means that I like to look at things as they really are. And they are awful, believe it or not. They are sickening beyond belief.


When you are intoxicated with overly optimistic expectations, a cynic can help you. When you think the world is a wonderful place, let us fix your mind, so you can open up to what is really going on. In short: we can help you opening your eyes so you’ll see what is truly there.

Your naivety and tenderheartedness is unpleasant, to say the least. Of course you think you are like a necessary counterweight against cynicism, but in fact you are just being silly. That is why we as cynics are always struggling to get our point across. Even if we are the voice of reason, we will commonly be dismissed, and our advice will often be ignored.

You yourself will probably refuse to take in what you are reading here, but that’s only normal. Given a persistent culture which continuously reinforces the “all is fine” propaganda, it would be strange if you didn’t trust that everything will be alright, in the end.

So, being positive is the more comfortable way to go. Nevertheless, this post is an honest effort to try to reach your warm, stupid and senseless heart and turn it into the cold stone that it ought to be. Let us try to achieve that, will we?

First of all it is elemental to take in that most human behavior is motivated entirely by self-interest, and that the greater part of the worlds suffering is human-caused. Man is in essence egotistical. Even in what seem to be acts of philanthropy, people only choose to help out others because of what they expect or hope to get in return.

Second: everybody lies. They lie to themselves and they lie to others. Their life is a lie, because that is what makes it bearable. If people would see their life as it is, they would jump of a bridge first chance they’d got.

Third: you are not better than anybody else. In fact, since you are reading this blog, chances are you are more untrustworthy than others and your moral code probably sucks. Only a dishonorable mind would be so easily enticed to visit a website called “The Secret Life of Everybody”. Ask yourself what you’re doing here, and admit to yourself just what a sleazeball you truly are.

If you can fundamentally empathize with the above three principles, you might be eligible to be (or to become) a cynic.

Just a warning, though. Being a cynic is quite a responsibility. You must cast away all nonsense and only allow reality to enter your mind. Again, the truth is out there, but it is seldom applied. That is why opinions of cynics have a negative connotation.

For example. To a cynic, the best thing that could happen to this planet is human extinction. If we all just would stop breeding, the world would be a much better place. There are those who believe that this is an adverse view, but I believe cynics are merely sensitive to what’s truly going on in the world, and since humanity’s competitive selfishness and aggression against nature has nearly destroyed the world, we cynics consider it to be better to wipe out humankind entirely, to salvage what’s left of the planet.

We love to speak our mind, without care or concern for social niceties. It is wonderful to be impulsive and to not overthink everything. Of course, we hurt people this way, but we feel a bit sorry for folks who never enjoy the profuse freedom that cynicism awakens. Just because positivists want to seem nice they put political correctness before anything else. It’s such an old-fashioned worldview, but we are here to defuse that attitude.

Now, to make sure you fully understand, it will be quite hard to be a cynic. Sure, the truth will set you free, but it won’t necessarily make you happy. Most cynics are too authentic to find happiness. We don’t care about people’s sensibilities as we do not want to live in a world of illusions and lies, and so, as an inevitable consequence, we are absurdly disliked. Being honest will hurt people’s feelings, but we think it’s better to hurt someone than to be a fucking liar, all the time. Once you’ve told the truth, you’ll find that everything else is like cheap whisky.

You might say that what I am telling you is a very bleak view on society, but if you were able to look through our eyes for only a day, you’d see what we’re talking about, and you’d feel just the same as us about the cruelty and barbarism that is lurking in human nature.

If you too like sincerity and prefer an authentic life, if you refuse to live in lala land, you should try to discover the cynic in you. If you find him or her, come and join us.


© 2018 – David Lee Kollberg

But on the Bright Side…

Okay… Maybe – at first – it seems that there is no bright side. Aside from the lurking summer, obviously… In which “lurking” means that the sun is actually there, behind the clouds, but we are not aware of it, let alone that the cold morning air is aware of it, and that it would dare to send us the prospect of a warm midday or a less damp dawn.

I’ve never minded that my life sucked, as I always believed it would soon change. It was not really a thing for me, that I was waiting for something that possibly would never come. Still, the longer I waited for it not to arrive, the more obstacles I found that hampered my happiness – or that stopped me to have a simple stroke of luck.

If someone had to persevere the soul-swallowing sensation of continuously being in the wrong place at the wrong time, it might as well be me, as I considered it to be one of my greatest talents.

But then – out of the blue – I fell in love (again).

When you’re in love, everything changes. Mostly for the worse, but sometimes, just every so often, it changes for the better. As soon as we experience true love, life becomes wonderful. As soon as we are brave enough to let love enter our lives, without holding back, we start to heal. A sparkling love feels like a rebirth. Unless you love without regrets, everything will feel like a band-aid on a wound that needs stitches.

The miracle of love will make it easier for us to really be in the moment. And it is in that moment that we will be able to see what it is that we truly want. Then it is just a question to find out what makes you come to life, what makes you happy, …and go for that, without constraints.

I am aware that my expectations are high, that my line of thinking is impractical and not sensible – or realistic – but it is way better than having no expectations at all. It is better than to be happy with the status quo, to accept this harsh and cruel world, instead of going for the full and sincere sweetness of a self-created paradise. When I look at what lies ahead, I can only see a whole new beautiful chapter in the making. A period of magnificent transformation is coming, and it will lead me to fresh inspiring adventures.

And yeah, I know how this might sound. You’ll probably tell me that I have a severe case of ‘blue sky thinking’, but I sincerely believe that these feelings are truer than true, that I have seen the light, that I am opening up to something superior than anything else I’ve opened up to before.

We were all raised to embrace analytical and logical thought, but our culture declines when problem-solving is controlled by an overly pragmatic view of possibilities. Most classes in schools are focusing on studying practical things, placing students in boxes, making them into useful workers, rather than allowing them to be flexible and creative. This kind of system leads to a society of sheep, where the corporations are the herding dogs. Honestly, who would want to be a part of such an emotionless and unidealistic world? We are far too magical to keep on going for this misconception of what life should be like. We deserve something better.

Disappointment about the reality of life is not only inevitable, it is needed to keep you levelheaded and functional. That is what people say, anyway. In reality that kind of thinking turns us into a bunch of listless pessimists. The reality of life is what you make it. When you always listen to the voice that tells you what you have to do, and not to do what you need, you will never achieve true happiness.

I refuse to submit to negativity and to live a boring, purposeless life. Instead I am going to look at the bright side and aim for the stars. I will free my mind from daily concerns and look for beauty and splendor in everything around me, by actively nourishing a creative, fulfilling life.

I recommend you do the same.


© 2017 – David Lee Kollberg