Some People are just Too Damn Ugly

They are. And I don’t mean that in a metaphorical way. They plainly are just too ugly to watch. You could damage your eyes looking at them. Let alone that you want to touch them.

If they accidentally brush your bare arm, your first reaction will be to rub that horrible, undesirable contact right off. You behave like they are covered in Liquid Ass, or something, as if the stench of an ugly person will follow you wherever you go.

They cannot help it, of course, and we should abide them with all the kindness of our hearts, but we don’t, as we find it simply too challenging to actually like ugly people. We admire beauty. As shallow as it may seem, we think beauty is a character attribute, just as we secretly think ugliness is a flaw in the personality of people.

But ugly people are just as prejudiced. Most of them think of themselves as being nice-looking, or at least more beautiful than the average person. We all think we are on or above average with regards to almost everything. We see ourselves as more clever than others, more attractive, more stylish, we have better taste, more friends, a better career…

Of course this is bullshit. Since there is an ‘average’, most of us are below it, and it’s the extremely beautiful and the greatly intelligent that are instituting the higher average, that we all dream to be on or rather above of.

So, we worship beautiful people. It’s hardwired into us that being good-looking is the most important part of our identity. People might say that looks don’t matter, but in the real world good looks define how we assess people.

We think beautiful people are more clever, more talented, more trustworthy, albeit that statistics tell us they actually are not more honorable or reliable. In fact, most people are beautiful on the outside, but not on the inside. It’s like something chemically changed their brain, causing them to be arrogant and narcissistic. But that doesn’t stop us from being fond of them and having faith in them. Gorgeous people can literally get away with anything, just because they are dazzling to the eye.

As much as we love beautiful people, we hate ugly people more. It is a society structure. From the time when we are children we are explained that we should see ‘beautiful thin people’ as our role models. Ugly people, on the other hand, are habitually portrayed as embarrassing to us, and so we learn that they are better to be avoided.

Although magazines, movies, and commercials present a flashing image of what we should look like, the simple fact is that most of us don’t. That is why we seek for aesthetically pleasing partners, even if they are rotten to the core. We like feeling superior to others, and the less we have to do in order to feel superior, the better we feel.

If we surround ourselves with beautiful people, we feel like we become more beautiful ourselves, thus adding the impression of beauty to our own persona, and – as a result – the more empowered we appear and the more confident we will go through life.

That’s why unattractive people are being ignored. That is why celebrities, actors, performers are not only evaluated by what they accomplish but are mainly idolized by how they look. This is how society operates, and when we don’t comply to this ‘beauty rule’, no matter how beautiful we are ourselves, we will also be seen as ugly, or at least as stupid.

For the most part there is no problem with being beautiful or with admiring beauty. Still, saying that someone is the most beautiful person may be a compliment, but with all the perfectionistic body and facial type definitions in modern society, these compliments can cause self-loathing in people who do not have those perfect features.

The more we develop our personality and accept who we are as people, and the less we depend on our physical appearance, the more authentic we will become. It is evident that it is not just external beauty what makes someone beautiful. To be good-looking might be enjoyable, but it doesn’t show a lot when you’re not a kind person. If we could expand our view on beauty a little, and concentrated more on our inner features, we would be able to call someone attractive for things that actually matter, and for something that doesn’t have an expiration date.


© 2017 – David Lee Kollberg

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  • Ma'kyra

    People are not ugly see God is creative and he creates people in different ways so you never know what your baby going to come out like anything, so don't blame yourself for anything don't even blame God.

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