We are all VUP’s (Very Unimportant Persons)

It doesn’t matter how important you are today, sooner or later you will fade into insignificance. For some it might require a couple of centuries to evaporate out of the collective memory, others start to become less famous or unimportant just after their coffin has been covered with dirt.

It can be depressing, when you are confronted with your own insignificance, but it is what it is, and the only thing you can do, is to accept it.

For people like me, there is little to be worried about. I have been a VUP all of my life, and am pretty certain I will remain so for whatever time I have left. When you put things into perspective, being a VUP gives us an enormous freedom, as the universe is indifferent to what we do, so we can actually do whatever we want.

When you contemplate the utter magnitude of the universe, the endlessness of passing time, a single human lifetime is remarkably minuscule and insignificant. Even when you become a VIP on earth, the universe doesn’t care, and the difference you will be able to make, if at all any, is only going to last a very limited time.

Nevertheless, just because what you can do might only resonate a tiny little bit, it doesn’t mean it’s not still worth doing. Making a difference doesn’t mean doing something that’s going to change the world, let alone that it would affect the universe. You can do things that mean something to yourself, to your friends, to strangers, or to people in need. It will not give you eternal fame, but being kind to people, making someone’s life less difficult, will definitely make you happy. You matter to you, and to the people you love, and that should be enough.

The most wonderful thing about bringing joy to people and to yourself, is that it overwhelms the rest of the world, as the person you have been kind to, will most likely pay it forward. And so the ripples of what you do might somewhat change the world, after all.

Being kind to someone, making their day less hard, might not seem like much, but if everyone would do something good for someone else, the sequence of kindness could incite a wide-reaching wave of random acts of kindness.

If the things you achieve have a bearing on your community or even on a single other person, then it actually doesn’t matter that the universe doesn’t give a damn.


© 2017 – David Lee Kollberg

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