But on the Bright Side…

Okay… Maybe – at first – it seems that there is no bright side. Aside from the lurking summer, obviously… In which “lurking” means that the sun is actually there, behind the clouds, but we are not aware of it, let alone that the cold morning air is aware of it, and that it would dare to send us the prospect of a warm midday or a less damp dawn.

I’ve never minded that my life sucked, as I always believed it would soon change. It was not really a thing for me, that I was waiting for something that possibly would never come. Still, the longer I waited for it not to arrive, the more obstacles I found that hampered my happiness – or that stopped me to have a simple stroke of luck.

If someone had to persevere the soul-swallowing sensation of continuously being in the wrong place at the wrong time, it might as well be me, as I considered it to be one of my greatest talents.

But then – out of the blue – I fell in love (again).

When you’re in love, everything changes. Mostly for the worse, but sometimes, just every so often, it changes for the better. As soon as we experience true love, life becomes wonderful. As soon as we are brave enough to let love enter our lives, without holding back, we start to heal. A sparkling love feels like a rebirth. Unless you love without regrets, everything will feel like a band-aid on a wound that needs stitches.

The miracle of love will make it easier for us to really be in the moment. And it is in that moment that we will be able to see what it is that we truly want. Then it is just a question to find out what makes you come to life, what makes you happy, …and go for that, without constraints.

I am aware that my expectations are high, that my line of thinking is impractical and not sensible – or realistic – but it is way better than having no expectations at all. It is better than to be happy with the status quo, to accept this harsh and cruel world, instead of going for the full and sincere sweetness of a self-created paradise. When I look at what lies ahead, I can only see a whole new beautiful chapter in the making. A period of magnificent transformation is coming, and it will lead me to fresh inspiring adventures.

And yeah, I know how this might sound. You’ll probably tell me that I have a severe case of ‘blue sky thinking’, but I sincerely believe that these feelings are truer than true, that I have seen the light, that I am opening up to something superior than anything else I’ve opened up to before.

We were all raised to embrace analytical and logical thought, but our culture declines when problem-solving is controlled by an overly pragmatic view of possibilities. Most classes in schools are focusing on studying practical things, placing students in boxes, making them into useful workers, rather than allowing them to be flexible and creative. This kind of system leads to a society of sheep, where the corporations are the herding dogs. Honestly, who would want to be a part of such an emotionless and unidealistic world? We are far too magical to keep on going for this misconception of what life should be like. We deserve something better.

Disappointment about the reality of life is not only inevitable, it is needed to keep you levelheaded and functional. That is what people say, anyway. In reality that kind of thinking turns us into a bunch of listless pessimists. The reality of life is what you make it. When you always listen to the voice that tells you what you have to do, and not to do what you need, you will never achieve true happiness.

I refuse to submit to negativity and to live a boring, purposeless life. Instead I am going to look at the bright side and aim for the stars. I will free my mind from daily concerns and look for beauty and splendor in everything around me, by actively nourishing a creative, fulfilling life.

I recommend you do the same.


© 2017 – David Lee Kollberg

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