Leave Me Alone

What is this obsession we have with death? Or with fame? Or with anything, actually? Do we really believe we are special as a species? That our complexity, our creativity, outclasses any other? In the entire universe?

Because, as you might have anticipated, it doesn’t. We are not out of the ordinary. Our melancholy is not the deepest. Nor is it the most insightful. We are just as superficial as any other creature that has evolved in the cosmos.

Thank goodness for that, by the way. Just imagine we would actually be as superior as we sometimes think we are. What responsibility would we have to bear? What would become of us, when we truly would believe that any idea we had, any feeling we experienced, would be special? That it would be important enough to preserve any philosophical conception that came up in our little minds?

Thank God we are not unique. Praise Jesus that we are just a bunch of atoms. The alternative theory is the metaphysical one – the religious belief that something as complex as human life couldn’t just have happened randomly, so there must have been a creator of some kind…

God, you cannot image how much I hate religious people…

Well, they are actually okay. As they are just as insignificant as I am. And I am pretty insignificant, as this blog should have proven by now.

So, leave me alone, already. I do not need to know that Jesus will come to save me, as I do not want to be saved. I do not believe there is life after death, as I don’t wish there to be any awareness after I die. I in fact want to be fully unaware, if at all possible. Let me dissolve and let my human molecules form other random bunches of atoms, when I die.

I’d like that.


© 2017 – David Lee Kollberg

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