Life is Pointless


Don’t you ever get the feeling that every step you take and every move you make is useless? Don’t you sometimes get the idea that you are surrounded by soulless and mean people? That you’ve been born against your will to live a humdrum life filled with rules and conventions that seem designed to make every second here on earth unbearable?

Going to school, working and earning money, gaining knowledge, building up a reputation, realizing your ambitions… It all means nothing. It’s just something that is there, until it is no more. We will all die, and nothing lasts forever. And even that doesn’t really matter.

You may take life seriously, you might think that whatever it is you are doing, is a reasonable thing to do, but if you think about it honestly, you will grasp how absurd it is. And this is true for anything you will do, for any belief you might have, for every emotion you experience, and for every thing you will ever long for.

Fortunately there is also a beneficial side to life being pointless. None of the bad things in the world matter either. When a landslide wipes out an entire village, when a school shooting kills twenty kids, when a terrorist attack kills and maims hundreds, when a ship hits an iceberg and a thousand people drown in the ice cold water, the pain is only temporary and the grief for loved ones, that were killed, dismembered or tortured, fades within the timespan of one generation.

All the tragedies that occur in the world are terrible when they happen, but soon afterwards they become part of something that we call ‘history’. History being just another word for ‘shit we try to rationalize because it is too damn awful to deal with’.

The fact that life has no real purpose or meaning, does not mean it is not worth living. The absence of reason does not imply that there is no value to existence. Certainly, life can be full of loneliness and pain, but once we recognize the absurdity of it all, an irrepressible love is able to grow in our hearts.

The bad things that happen to you are not some cosmic punishment on your person. They’re just a byproduct of being alive. If we manage to welcome the madness of life, and react more intuitively to everything that happens, our life will be more satisfying.

Celebrate the enjoyable things in life. Appreciate the people that have the character and honorable intentions to keep their promises. Look for the humor in your misfortune. Let love rule. And, above all, try to take things less seriously. If you are always on your guard, life will pass you by, and you will not have lived life to the fullest.

Contradictory to what I might have said here before, your subjective experience of the world (which is, of course, your true experience of the world) is constructed out of your everyday thoughts. When you have unpleasant thoughts, you will probably experience an unpleasant world. Likewise, a person who has kindhearted thoughts, will most likely experience a kinder world, etc. This has nothing to do with ignoring or avoiding reality. It’s just that we can easily change the way we look at things, and by doing so, the things we perceive will change.

Just think of all the beauty that is still out there, and try to appreciate it for what it does to you. Try to be thankful that you are doing fine, that you have a roof over your head, that you can sit in the sun and drink a glass of cava. Being thankful is inspiring. It makes you feel more conscious, more sensitive and more happy.

To feel close to someone. To love and be loved. To be together with people that you love. These are the things that make life worth living. Automatically love will generate happiness, and that happiness will generate a lust for life, even though this life remains completely pointless.

I guess life will always be a mystery to us, but love is the answer, nonetheless. Love will make us feel free and connected at the same time. Love will allow us to be who we are. Love will strengthen our personality and make it grow. When we truly love, we feel powerful in our body and mind and we’ll thrive in an imperfect world. I hope you’ll join us, as it is deeply rewarding.


© 2017 – David Lee Kollberg

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