Opinions Are Like Assholes…

…everybody’s got one.

I don’t know about you, but lately too many people are giving their unsolicited – but above all totally redundant – opinion on social media. It only takes seconds to poop out a tweet, or to post a comment on Facebook, and what usually follows is some pointless debate that annoys the crap out of anybody who has an IQ over 80.

Without a shred of willingness to tell the truth, or to make sense, a bunch of assholes out of nowhere starts to discuss science, religion, politics, the rain forest, or the differences between a midget and a dwarf. Of course they know nothing about the topic at hand, but this won’t hold them down, oh no mister. It will turn them into even more fanatic debaters and they truly believe we should be pleased that they are shining their magnificent light on a topic they are completely ignorant of.

For everyone to see, they pull some random stats out of their ass, thinking we will blindly accept the slightly moronic reasoning you’d normally expect coming from toddlers, just before they choke on a Lego block. If social media have learned us anything, it is that a bunch of people are willing to expose their infinite stupidity to large audiences. Some of the bigmouths on social media are SO stupid, that you feel the urge to prevent them to breed.

Ironically enough, a personal view has very little unbiased purity to begin with. Most people are so easily influenced by others, that their ‘unique opinion’ is constructed out of nothing else than cut-and-paste lines heard in previous conversations. As a result they cite blatant lies as facts and express personal beliefs as evidence. When you actually start reading these empty discussions, you can’t but conclude that the participants are all suffering from a form of advanced bigotry.

The thing is that we are lousy at being logical. For most of us the illusion of reason is enough. In the end, what we think we know, are just our versions of the truth. We all feel that the other person is being wrong, while we see ourselves as being right, and they probably think the same about us, but as long as we are reasoning, we have the illusion that we’re actually moving forward.

Except we’re not. We are standing still.

Most people never change their mind, anyway. They don’t even listen. That’s because subconsciously people focus on proof that defends views they already believe, and they disregard any evidence that opposes their views. They yell their biased opinions at each other, merely because quietness often forces contemplation, and they might come to realize that what they are arguing about doesn’t really matter. Because, of course, it DOESN’T really matter.

It is time to depolarize and to not take our views so seriously. When it comes about the truth, we are all just winging it. Arguments endlessly going back and forth will wear you out, and in the end they only fuel your anger and your nonsense. Coming to terms with that, would be a huge step forward. If we could see just how full of crap we all are, we could maybe begin to think more intentionally about ourselves, about what we have to offer, about where we are going and about what we really want in life.

Wouldn’t it be more useful to communicate the messy, magnificent reality about whatever is going on within ourselves, instead of having online fights about politics or religion? Our own life is what we are true experts in, after all.

So, let’s talk passionately about our inner feelings. Let’s talk confidently about our insecurities. Let’s make what we say truly matter by infusing every word with authenticity.

Everything else honestly makes no sense.


© 2017 – David Lee Kollberg


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